Bracelets:  The size of a bracelet may vary depending on the types and sizes of the beads used. Bracelets are guaranteed to be within 1/4 inch of requested size. Standard size or is 7 1/2 inches, small is 7 inches and a large is 8 to 8 1/2 inches. Individual size can be determined by measuring the wrist and adding 1″ to the bracelet length.

Jewelry Care
If your piece contains silver, remember it is sterling and can tarnish. Tarnishing is a natural process caused by oxidation, and does not damage the silver. Tarnish can easily be removed by rubbing the piece gently with a soft, treated polishing cloth.

Do not use tarnish-removing dips (or creams) on pieces that have decorative oxidation. For example, some Bali silver beads have oxidation in the grooves to produce an antique look. Using dips may remove the oxidation that gives your piece dimension. Never use silver cleaners on pearls as they may lose their luster.

Avoid wearing your bracelet while swimming, doing dishes, cleaning with chemicals, or anything else where the jewelry would come into contact with abrasive soaps or chemicals.


Aurora Borealis:  Named for the Northern Lights. In costume jewelry, a term for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface. The effect is achieved by vapor blasting the facets of the lower part of the crystals with an invisible, micro thin metal sheet. This effect was created by Swarovski in 1955 in collaboration with Christian Dior. Also known as AB, the term now refers to any iridescent finish. This finish can be scratched, but wont rub off with normal wear.

Gold Electroplate:  An electrolytic coating with gold, or with an alloy of not less than 10% fineness to a minimum thickness throughout that is equivalent to seven millionths of an inch. This means that where the fineness is less than 24kt, the thickness must be proportionately greater, so that the same amount of fine gold has been seven millionths of an inch, it may be marked – heavy gold electroplate.

Gold-filled:  A gold alloy plate made by soldering, brazing, welding or other means that is not less than 10kt fineness, where the plating constitutes at lest 1/20th of the weight of the metal in the entire article. The term must be preceded by the karat fineness of the plating, such as 14kt gold filled. When using the term gold overlay, manufacturers are permitted to use a layer of gold that is less than 1/20th the weight of the entire piece, but they must stamp the proportion of the gold layer on the jewelry.

Semiprecious Stones  Natural stones that generally have a lower value than precious stones, including amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, garnet, opal, rose quartz, and others. Primarily used in fashion jewelry.

Bonding (Stabilization)  The use of a colorless bonding agent (commonly plastic) with a porous gemstone to give it durability and improve appearance.

Vermeil  Gilded or gold-colored sterling silver, copper or bronze.

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